Onion Oleoresin

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What is Onion Oleoresin?

Onion Oleoresin, a concentrated extract obtained from onions (Allium cepa) is a versatile natural substance that has found significant usage in a variety of sectors. Onion Oleoresin is a highly concentrated liquid extract derived from onions using solvent extraction.

Family: Onion belongs to the Liliacea family, and it’s also known as Common onion or Strasburg onion.

Traditional Use: Onions have been used for ages as a natural remedy. They’re rich in vitamins A, B, and C, and they share many properties with garlic. Eating raw onions can help prevent colds, strengthen bones, and improve blood circulation. They also help cleanse the blood and keep the skin clear. Onions are good for fixing gland and weight issues, and they can improve the flow of lymph, which reduces swelling. People have used onions at home for various health conditions for a long time.

Aromatherapy/Home Use: Onions aren’t used in aromatherapy or home remedies because of their strong smell.

Other Uses: Onions are used in some medicines for colds and coughs. Their oil is used in lots of foods like meat dishes, salads, and drinks, but not in perfumes.

Where They’re From: Onions originally come from Western Asia and the Middle East. They’ve been grown all over the world for food. The essential oil is mainly produced in France, Germany, and Egypt from red onions.

How It’s Made: The essential oil is extracted from the onion bulb using steam distillation.

What It Looks and Smells Like: The oil is a pale yellow or brownish-yellow liquid with a strong and not-so-pleasant sulphur smell. It might make you tear up.

Actions: Onions have many useful actions in our body, like fighting parasites, microbes, and inflammation. They’re also good for your digestive system, circulation, and more.

Safety: Onions are generally safe and not likely to cause harm, but some people might be sensitive to them.


Product: Onion Oleoresin
Appearance: It’s a dark brown to black free-flowing liquid with a strong onion smell.
Description: The oleoresin is a reddish-brown to brown thick paste.
Taste and Smell: It has a slightly sweet and oniony taste and smell.
Total Ash: It should have no more than 3% ash.
Solubility: It should dissolve in water by at least 70% and in 50% alcohol by at least 65%.
Matter Insoluble: It should have no more than 2% insoluble stuff.
Additive: They add 5% glycerin by weight to it.

Different Uses

Uses in Cooking:
Flavour Enhancement:

Onion Oleoresin is a preferred ingredient in the food business because it can add a potent and authentic onion flavour to a variety of dishesincluding soups, sauces and processed foods like potato chips and instant noodles.

Seasoning Blends:
It is a crucial component of many different spice mixtures, spices and condiments such as salad dressings, barbecue sauces and spice rubs. It adds to the complexity and depth of the flavours in these items.

Commercial Uses

Onion Oleoresin’s potential health advantages have been researched. It contains substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, including as quercetin and allicin. It is a contender for use in pharmaceutical formulations because of these characteristics.

Onion Oleoresin is used in skincare products as a natural colouring agent and maybe as a skin-soothing ingredient in the cosmetics sector.

Uses for Medicine:
Onion Oleoresin has been employed in ancient medical systems to treat a variety of diseases. It can be applied topically to treat minor skin irritations and is thought to have antibacterial effects..

Domestic Uses:
Onion Oleoresin can be added to natural cleaning solutions to disinfect surfaces and add a fresh scent because of its antibacterial qualities and natural fragrance.

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