Tea Tree Water

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Tea Tree Water Bulk Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier

Tea Tree Water has been used for ages for its medical qualities. It is especially beneficial in fighting against virus, fungi and bacteria as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The plant from which the tea tree is obtained is cultivated in Kenya in large quantities. However, it is native of Southeast and Queensland and North Eastern coast of New South Wales.

The leaves of the tea tree plant can be used for the treatment of cold and cough after getting harvested and crushed. They can also be used to cure skin ailments after getting soaked.

The tea tree water has been used for centuries by the Australian aborigines due to its medicinal properties. Arthur Enfold, a prominent researcher published a number of papers regarding the benefits of using the tea tree water after which these plants were produced in abundance and were sold commercially. In 1970s and 1980s the size of the plantation increased heavily after which these plants were launched in the international market and it has been in use extensively ever since then.

Steam distillation process is used in the extraction of water. Parts used for extraction are the plants twigs and leaves. The leaves of the plant are cut in large quantities and are stored in huge containers where steamed water is poured over them. The mixture is processed in a high pressurized steam distillation which distills the water from the leaves after being stored for about 20 days. The water is further filtered and purified before being distributed. The water thus obtained has a sharp fragrance and its colour is clear to pale yellow in appearance.

The use of tea tree water is common in the treatment of skin problems like acne. It might be slow in reacting on acne but definitely more effective than any other chemically induced cosmetic creams for skin ailments. It makes the skin spot free, clear and beautiful.

The water also possesses anti-fungal qualities and hence is especially beneficial for the treatment of any fungal problem such as athlete’s foot. By adding few drops of this water in the affected area helps in healing conditions like itching, infection and it is effective in change of the nail colour to yellow. It is extremely effective in all the above mentioned cases.

It provides instant relief against inflammation when applied on the burn injuries directly and it also protects it from any infection as it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

It helps in controlling the water content in skin which results in acne free skin and also in the treatment of skin ailments such as genital infections, herpes, acne, warts, infected wounds and many other skin related problems.

It is also beneficial against any herbal problem. Few drop of water in the shampoo wards off the dandruff problem and nourishes the scalp. Thus helps in making hair shiny and bouncy.

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