Patchouli Water

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The Patchouli Water is mostly used in cosmetic products. It helps to regenerate the skin cells, remove the scars, pimples and many other skin ailments. Regular application of this water keeps mind free from stress and tension. This water is also used for the treatment of digestive problems.

Patchouli water is mainly from Asian countries and it is originated in china and India. Patchouli plant is known for its medicinal properties for which it has been used for centuries. But now it can be found in other tropical parts of the world also.

The patchouli plant is bushy with strong and hairy stem; it is a perennial plant which grows about one meter tall. It has large and furry leaves about 4.5 inches long and wide. The colour of flower is white and purple. The name of patchouli plant is taken from Hindustani word ‘patch’ means green and ‘ilai’ means leaf. This patchouli plant got popular in Europe when its use was started in Kashmiri shawls and traded to Victorian England to prevent fibre from the moths. This shawl is sold in England because of the signature smell of its plant.

This patchouli plant is also used with linen to make patpours in the east. In India, ink is also made from the mixture of patchouli water and camphor.

Patchouli water is extracted by the steam distillation process. Young leaves of the patchouli plant are used to extract its water. Firstly, the leaves of the plant are dried and then fermented for the extraction of water, and after that it goes for further process of extraction. The yield of patchouli water ranges between 2% to 3% which is very low. The colour and the aroma of the water get more effective and better as the time passes by. This water has thick consistency and it has yellow to dark brown colour. The patchouli water has strong and spicy fragrance.

The patchouli water is commonly known for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. It is hugely used by doctors to reduce stress and anxiety. Regular application of this water helps in uplifting the mood. It is very beneficial for the person who is suffering from anxiety, depression, mental fatigue and lethargy as the use of this water gives effective results in depression, fatigue and lethargy.

The patchouli water has been used as insect repellent. It helps to give freedom from irritation of mosquitoes or insects bites because of its strong and effective fragrance and it is also helpful in fighting from fungal and bacterial infections.

Due to of its properties to break cellulite it is hugely used in weight reduction and weight maintenance process. It also helps in balancing the water level of the body which results in good, glowing, smooth and healthy skin.

Patchouli water is used In treatment of many skin ailments like skin damage, removal of scars, pimples by helping in regeneration of the new cells which results in smooth, glowing and healthy skin.

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