Nutmeg Water

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Nutmeg Water is very beneficial for the regulation of heart and also improves the blood circulation. It helps in uplifting the mood and also helps in removing weakness by stimulation. Digestive disorders can be treated by the use of this water. It is also helpful in problems like conception and birthing process. It has anti-inflammatory properties also.

After its harvestation mace is separated from the seed. After the separation the seeds of nutmeg are dried for a week so that the shell can crack easily and kernel can be exposed for its removal. The kernel of the nutmeg plant is used for the extraction of its water. The process of extracting the nutmeg water is steam distillation method. In the presence of steam hydraulic pressure is applied to the seed.

The species of nutmeg which can be used for commercial trade and purpose are found in Banda islands which are also known as island of Spice Island in Indonesia. However, the species of nutmeg plant are mostly found in South East Asia. It is also cultivated in Penang Island of Malaysia and Caribbean islands. Its cultivation takes place in other parts of India such as India and New Guinea.

It requires optimum temperate of about 20-30 degree Celsius and annual rainfall of about 1500-2500mm for the growth and foster of the nutmeg plant. The cultivation can only take place after the seeds weight 5-10 grams with dimensions of about 20-30mm length and 15-18mm width. The seeds must be completely dried before the cultivation to take place. It requires a time span of about 20 years to reach the plant to its full productivity. However, the cultivation can be done after 6-7 years of harvesting the plant.

Nutmeg plant is been in use since centuries. It is used in Europe for its culinary, medical and other applications and is considered as one of the most expensive ingredient. It has been used since the medieval times. It was considered valuable in Asian Trade during the middle ages and was brought into Europe by the Arabic traders at an exorbitant price. Due the profitability of nutmeg water began a war after the only source of nutmeg was discovered by the Europeans in the Banda Islands. Its cultivation spread to other regions after the Europeans gained full control over Indonesia. They defeated the Napoleon and gained the control.

Nutmeg water is very beneficial for conditions like rheumatism, tooth aches etc and helpful in treating a relieving pain in these conditions. It has the ability to provide instant relief in severe pain conditions also.

It has been used for many years with honey to improve digestive and also for treating chronic diarrhoea and gastrointestinal problems as well. Because of its aromatic properties it is helpful in providing relief from muscle pain by soothing the muscles and relaxing the tired mind.

It is also used for revival of people facing fainting spells. Its aroma can also uplift the mood. It is also helpful in reproduction system by regulating periods and assisting in childbirth. It is one of best water for depression.

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