Lemongrass Water

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Lemongrass Water Bulk Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier

Lemon Grass Water fragrance is different in comparison of any other water and this water is also works effectively for the treatment of skin problems. Due to its skin care abilities it is also used in many cosmetic products.

Harvesting Information
This plant is found in tropical regions and regions with warm temperature, this plant is native to India. However, this plant is cultivated in many other parts of this world such as Vietnam, Caribbean, Thailand and United States.

It is harvested in the end of season and this plant grows usually in cold regions. This plant can also be grow easily indoors and harvested throughout the years.

Chinese doctors uses this plant over the centuries for the treatment of illness like upset stomach, cold, headaches and indigestion. It has been used for thousand of years due to its medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Extraction Process
Steam distillation process is adopted for the extraction of lemon grass water. To obtain the water the leaves of lemon grass are distilled. The pure water that is obtained is of yellow color and with strong lemony aroma.

Commonly Known Benefits
For the treatment of headache and to release stress related problems this water is very beneficial.due to its great ability it can easily heal up the problem related to skins. This water also helps in great relaxation from the nervous exhaustion.

Due to its antiseptic properties it also helps to fight against the conditions such as nervous disorders, pain in athletes foot and mild infections.

It is also able to fight against problems like fever, laryngitis and sore throats. This water also helps to improve digestion system and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders is also possible by the use of this water.

Due to its antimicrobial properties this water is also used to control the microbial growth externally and internally. This water helps to prevent the growth of bacteria due to which prevention of infections such as urinary tract infection, colon, respiratory tract contamination and pain in abdomen is possible.

Due to its antimicrobial properties this water is also very beneficial to prevent infections like cold, fever, pox and influenza.

The treatment of diseases caused by bacteria such as malaria, skin disease, typhoid and food poisoning is also possible with the help of this water. It helps to enhance the nervous system.

Due to its antiseptic properties this water helps to improve the blood circulation in the body. By stimulating hair follicles it helps to enhance better growth of hair. It also prevents hair fall, immature falling of teeth and gum loosing.

It also prevent heartburn and the carminative properties which releases excess gases in the system. The formation of gas in the body is also stop by this water.

This water is found in deodorants, lotions and in many other creams that helps in soothing of skin. This water is also used in aromatherapy sessions due to its skin care properties. It can also be used in the preparation of soups and herbal teas.

This water is also used in candles during its preparation. It also acts as an insecticide.

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