Lemon Water

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Lemon Water Bulk Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier

The Lemon Water is known for its refreshing lemony and citrus fragrance which can provide great relief to a stressed and fatigued body. It can also improve thinking ability by increasing concentration as lemon water provides great benefits to mind. It can also controls acidity levels if it is used regularly. It is also used by many persons due to its digestive properties as well as its ability for the treatment of diseases like arthritis gout and rheumatism. It is also great beneficial as it fights the conditions like waters, acne and cellulite.

Harvesting Information
Tree of this plant grow as tall as 20 feet and it is an evergreen plant. It is a native plant of India. It also has high aroma qualities due to its dark serrated leaves with wonderful pink white flowers. When this plant gets mature its thorns and flowers turns into yellow from green color.
The name of this plant has come from an Arabic word ‘Laimun’ or Persian ‘limun’. Tree of this plant was introduced by the crusaders to Europe in the middle age. The tree of this plant has fruits which has great beneficial properties of Vitamin A, B and C . Fruit of this plant was also used by the sailors to prevent vitamin deficiency and to prevent the scurvies.

In Japanese banks this water is used as a diffuser to release the stress of employees, it also helps to improve the concentration. It is also used in perfumes and foods as it has great agents of flavour and fragrance.

Extraction Process
The cold pressing technique is adopted for the extraction of lemon water. By pressing the fruit peel the water is obtained.

Commonly Known Benefits
It also has so many therapeutic qualities such as anti-rheumatic, anti-anemic, antiseptic, anti-microbial, depurative, insecticidal, diaphoretic, carminative, tonic and diuretic.

This water is also very helpful for the maintenance of circulatory system which reduces the blood pressure by increasing the blood flow in the body. Nosebleeds can also be stopped by this. In case of fever many people use this water to control the body temperature. It is also used for the treatment of throat infection, flu, asthma and bronchitis.

This water can also heal up the problems related to migraines and headaches. It is also use for the treatment of arthritis as well as rheumatism. Skin related problems can be heal up by this water due to its antiseptic properties. It helps in clearing acne, removal of dead cells, greasiness, mouth ulcer, herpes, insect bites and relieving cold sores.

This water can also fight against infections, improve the immune system by cleaning it, treat migraines, stress, fatigue and cure headaches. This water provides great relief from joint and muscular pains. It also prevents hair fall and clears watery skin.

In creams and lotions this water is used to clear the watery skin as it helps to maintain the skin. its astringent properties is much beneficial for watery skin.

It also helps to improve the concentration by using this water.

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