Lavender Water

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During the First World War this water was used for the treatment of patients. This water can easily heal skin problems such as burns, insect bite etc. For the preparation of fragrances it is also used extensively.

Harvesting Information
Today, largest producer of Lavender Water is Bulgaria which is followed by Italy, Spain and USSR.
The flower of lavender is harvested directly from the field when they are fully mature and ripe enough to produce the pure and clear lavender water. The Lavender water can easily be produced at home by precipitating the water of lavender in any carrier water.

From ancient period lavender water is considered as an Lavender water. It was firstly used by the Egyptians 2500 years ago in the formation of perfumes. Arabic and Phoenicians people also used this water for its fragrant properties. In Egypt peoples used this water to wrap the dead people in shroud of lavender this process is also known as mummification process.

Nardus herb is produce by the lavender water in Greece which was basically named after one of a Syrian city named as Naarda. It is also considered as holy herb as it is used in the preparation of holy essence which is used by the greeks since the biblical times. Lavender water is an Lavender part of Roman culture and which were sold for a certain price of approx. 100 denarii per pound.

Extraction Process
The extraction of lavender water is possible by adopting steam distillation process. It is extracted from the flowers of the plant.

Commonly Known Benefits
Pure Lavender water always has sweet and fresh fragrance when it is used basically in the form of an water. Production of soaps, candles, scents and many other household products such as freshners, cleaners etc. also used this lavender water in the production of all thesethings.

Minor skin irritations can also be heal up by this water due to its rapeutic properties. This water can be easily to the affected parts of the skin for positive result as the skin is not raw or broken. Lavender water properties effects to make the skin smooth. It is also used for the treatment of acne due to its antibacterial properties.

Treatment of sore muscles and to relieve the tensions this water is beneficial in an effective way. To treat acute anxiety orders this water is also use as massage water. In case of insomnia, regular massage with this water is also beneficial to induce soporific effects making you fall asleep.

Lavender water can provide great relieve if it is gently rubbed on the cuts and wounds. During the First World War its magical impact was experimented when it was applied on the cuts and wounds of patients suffering from the injuries during war. Minor burns can also be heal up by the use of this water.

You can also use this water during winter season for the maintenance of cracked lips and skin.

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