Eucalyptus Water

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The Eucalyptus Water helps in strengthning the immune system and providing relief from congestion. It is also used as an insect repellent.

Harvesting Information
The eucalyptus water of eucalyptus is obtained from eucalyptus leaf. 75% of the world trade of this water is done from China and they do not even offer the pure eucalyptus water they trade the water with camphor extract. Many countries that produce real eucalyptus water are Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Chile, Swaziland etc.

Australia has the most favourable condition for the growth of eucalyptus water. However eucalyptus tree is grown and harvested in many other parts of the world but Australia has the best suitable condition for its growth.

The eucalyptus water has been in use for ages and history has proved it , it is the most popular water all over the world. During ancient times this water was used for many purposes and it has many properties like pharmaceutical, antiseptic, flavouring and repellent etc.

In 1852 the first traces of eucalyptus water export was found when it was traded from Australia to other parts of the world. Australia was the biggest producer of this water for about next 50 years and it was the top trader of this water also. Though Australian sales and its share were suddenly decreased but now Australia is again catching up with the competition of trade and is getting back to reclaim its position and its glory.

Extraction Process
Leaf of the eucalyptus tree is processed for the extraction of water which is obtained by steam distillation method. Few of the eucalyptus trees are also grown for its timber. Although when the trees are cut, leaves of the tree are separated and are used for extraction of water. These plants are grown not more than 20 months. After 20 months they are cut. But this method is not applied in Australia as in Australia they use the forage harvester to extract its water from the blue and green species of eucalyptus which can easily be grown again after being cut repeatedly.

• Person suffering from influenza, coughs, cold and bronchitis can be treated by the use of this water, as eucalyptus tree water is very beneficial for these conditions. It can also be ingested directly as it used in the pharmaceutical industry for relieving the above mentioned symptoms.
• Eucalyptus tree water is used in making ointments as well as inhalant as it has rich anti-bacterial properties.
• It also helps in strengthening the immunity system.
• Hygiene products like dental care, soaps etc is made by the use of eucalyptus tree water.
• It is also used for its antiseptic properties as it is a very good disinfects which is why it can be applied to wounds and injuries.
• Due to of its strong fragrance it is also used as an insect repellent.
• Eucalyptus tree water is used in bakery goods as well as confectionary items as it also acts as a flavouring agent. However its use in confectionary items is only 0.02% and if its use increases from 0.02% then the taste will be spwatered.
• Eucalyptus water can be used for cleansing and deodorising purpose as eucalyptus water is distilled from the leaves.

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