Cedarwood Water

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Cedar Wood Water has many medicinal properties. It has a strong fragrance and thus it is used in making soaps and perfumes. It also helps in curing psoriasis, dermatitis and athletes foot.

Harvesting Information
Cedar Wood Water has two varieties. The red cedar wood grows primarily in mountainous regions and the Texas cedar wood grows mostly in south western United States, Central America and Mexico. The cultivation of cedar wood tree takes place after it gets fully matured. For the extraction of water the tree of cedar wood is grown for a period of time and then its part are cut.

It is one of the most historical plants. The oldest plant is said to be atleast 2500 years old before it was cut down for commercial purpose. It has been in cultivation since the biblical time. The height of the tree can be almost 100 feet.

Extraction Process
Steam distillation technique is used in the extraction of water. The cedar wood plant is all of use. Many parts of the tree including the foliage, wood and conifers are used in extraction of water. The water obtained has a woody fragrance.

This water is very helpful in relaxing the nerves. It has high sedative properties which help in relaxing the mind. It helps in relaxing the nerves by soothing them. It helps in inducing sleep as this water is highly beneficial for the treatment of insomnia. The sedative property of this water has been proven through chemical experiment by the Japanese researchers.

This water has anti septic and astringent properties and thus it is very beneficial for skin treatment. It helps in curing many skin disorders.

Skin disorders like eczema, acne, rashes, blemishes and wrinkles can be treated by using this water. It also helps in tightening of skin tissues, clearing the impurity, relieving itchiness and thus it is used in making many cosmetic products.

It helps in breaking the formation of phlegm and mucus when directly inhaled by the person.

It was used in the treatment of infection by the people of eastern culture.

It also acts as a powerful antidote in case of poisoning.

Cedar wood water helps in treating herbal problems like hair fall and dandruff by stimulating the hair follicle as well as the scalp.

Respiratory conditions like asthma, congestion, cough, cold, sinus, and bronchitis can be treated by using the water cedar wood water.

It helps in relieving the harmful toxins responsible for cellulite out of the body and improves the blood circulation too.

It promotes urination and thus helps patients suffering from urinary tract infection or any urinary disorder.

The cedar wood water helps reducing back pain, capal tunnel syndrome and rheumatism through its antiseptic properties.

It acts as a nerve tonic and soothes the nerves. Thus it is used by many people while meditation.

The cedar wood water also cures hypertension and high blood pressure.

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