Lime Water

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This Lime Water has fresh lemony fragrance which helps to uplift your mood by reducing depression especially when feel dejected. It also fights against cellulite and toning of the skin. It is of yellow to light olive in color and it has sharp, fresh and lemony aroma.

Harvesting Information
It is found in Asia. However, all the warm countries use to cultivate this crop. Some of the other countries where this crop is cultivated is Italy, America and West India. The tree of this plant has soft leaves and sharp shines, this tree can grow up to 4.5 metres high. The tree of this plant also grows small white flowers.

Moors brought this plant to Europe and then it is migrated to America.
Lime juicers were the name of ships, which used to transport this lime. The lime contains Vitamin C, so the crew of the ship use this to prevent the scurvy related conditions. This lime plant is also used in foods due to its flavouring agent, it is also use in cold drinks. It has sharp lemony fragrance due to which it is also used in perfume industry.

Extraction Process
Steam distillation technique is adopted for the extraction of lime water. Cold pressing technique is used for the extraction of water when the peel has unripe skin whereas steam distillation process is adopted for the whole ripe skin.

Commonly Known Benefits
Lime water has so many therapeutic properties such as astringent, antiviral, aperitif, febrifuge, restorative, tonic, haemostatic and antiseptic.

Treatment of fevers that are caused due to colds, flu and sore throats is also possible with the help of this water. It can also enhance immune system that controls bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis and also treat the asthma. Problems related to mental fatigue can also be heal up by this water, lime water can refresh the brain.

To mitigate conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and poor circulation this water is beneficial. Due to its toning benefits it can clear watery skin easily and removes acne. It is also used in large way for the treatment of conditions such as insect bites, injuries and herpes.

You can use this water during respiratory tract for instant relief. It also helps to heal up the problems related to joint and muscle pains.

It is also used in vapour therapy to release the tension of the person and to reduce the stress. Vapour therapy provides great relax to the body. It also improves the digestion system and helps in easy breathing.

This water can also be used for the massage as well as in the bath to as it helps in the treatment of painful joints and muscles.

This water works as a wonder as it can easily maintain your immune system which helps in proper circulation in the immune system. It is beneficial for the treatment body pains.

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