Kewra Attar

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Type of Packaging : Glass Bottles, Aluminium Bottles, HDPE Drums, Galvanized steel drum & export standard Packing
Available Services : Third party manufacturer, White Label, Contract Manufacturing, Private Labeling

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Kewra Attar Perfume Bulk Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier

Origin: This attar oil is originated in India.

Mixes well with: This attar mixes well with the base of the sandalwood essential oil.


Since the ancient period of time, this attar is widely used in India and across the nation due to the soothing and therapeutic properties attached with the application of this oil.


This attar is of non-toxic nature. So the precautions must be taken before the application of this attar oil.



  1. This attar is basically extracted from the flowers of the kewra plant by adopting the natural process of hydro distillation. This process of extraction is adopted as it helps to retain all of the beneficial properties of this attar oil.
  2. Due to its amazing and unique taste, this attar oil is also used as a flavouring agent to enhance the taste of the food which makes it popular to get use around the world.
  3. This attar oil also helps in providing great relief to the mind as well as body if it is applied during the aromatherapy sessions.
  4. Various mind related disorders can also be treated with the simple application of this attar.
  5. This attar is rich with various healing and therapeutic properties due to which this attar oil is exported by the Indians in different parts of the world.


Process of extraction


Organic process of hydro distillation is adopted for the extraction of this attar oil from the flowers of the kewra plant. The pure oil thus obtained after the extraction process is of light rose red colour and the fragrance of the attar is refreshing, rich and strong. The smell of this attar is similar to honey.




  1. Due to its soothing and calming effect on the mind as well as body, this attar oil is widely used in the aromatherapy sessions.
  2. The fragrance of this attar oil is alluring and captivating and due to this reason it is used extensively in the perfumery industry for the formulation of various exotic and natural perfumes.
  3. The perfume prepared with the help of this attar oil has long lasting fragrance, which helps to keep you feel good throughout the day.
  4. It is also used as a base agent in the preparation of other perfumes.
  5. Due to its therapeutic and beneficial properties, this attar oil is also used during the formulation of various cosmetic products.
  6. This attar oil is popularly known due to its skin friendly nature and it is also used during the formation of various lotion and creams to enhance its fragrance and therapeutic properties.
  7. This attar oil is of non-toxic nature so before the application of this attar you must seek advice from your doctor.
  8. It helps to keep the skin soft and smooth by repairing the dry and damaged skin.
  9. This attar oil is also used popularly as a flavouring agent to enhance the taste of the dish or products due to which it is also used in the tobacco industry to enhance the taste and flavour of the tobacco
  10. During the preparation of chewing gums it is also used extensively. This is the main reason why this attar oil is high in demand across the nation.
  11. Insomnia which is a disease caused due to the sleeplessness can also be cured with the simple application of this attar during the aromatherapy sessions.
  12. It is also used to enhance the taste of the food and dishes.

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