Garlic Oleoresin

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Understanding Garlic Oleoresin

A concentrated extract of garlic, Allium sativum, is called Garlic Oleoresin. It is commonly extracted from garlic bulbs using a variety of extraction techniques, such as solvent extraction or steam distillation. The natural components of garlic, such as the distinctive flavour and aroma as well as certain health-related components are abundant in this oleoresin.

Quick Facts About Capsicum Oleoresin

The Science of Capsicum:
The scientific name for capsicum is Capsicum annum, and it belongs to a plant family called Solana ceae. In different languages, it’s called different things, like “Pimento” in Spanish, “Filfil Ahmar” in Arabic, and “Hesiung Yali Chiao” in Chinese.

The Taste of Capsicum:
Capsicum Oleoresin has a slightly bitter and very spicy taste. It’s used in some foods and in certain medicines.

Where We Get It From?
We use both green and ripe dried pepper pods (the fruit) to make this stuff. We usually harvest them between January and August, and then again between September and December.

Specifications for Capsicum Oleoresin

What It’s Made Of?
It’s basically an extract from Indian red chili peppers, either Capsicum annum L. Or capsicum frutescens L.

How to Store It?
To keep it fresh, store it in tightly sealed containers in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

What It Looks Like?
It’s a dark red, thick liquid.

The Smell:
It has the strong, spicy smell of chili peppers.

No Extra Stuff:
There are no added preservatives or antioxidants. It can mix with oils and alcohols.

How Much to Use?
You can mix it with other things like salt, dextrose, edible oils, lecithin, benzyl alcohol, etc. One kilogram of this replaces 100 kilograms of raw chili peppers.

The Colour:
It has a colour value of 15000 CU (max).

No Leftover Solvents:
It should have less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of leftover solvents.

Clean and Safe:
It should be free from harmful microbes.

How Long It Lasts?
It can last for 24 months if stored correctly.

How to Handle It?
Be careful not to touch it with your skin or eyes. Warm it slightly and stir it well before using. Make sure any additives you use with it are compatible; otherwise, it can separate. Always check first by mixing a small sample.

Various Uses:
Due to its strong garlic flavour and potential health advantages, Garlic Oleoresin is used in a variety of sectors. Some of its main applications include:

Foods Business:
The flavouring agent Garlic Oleoresin is frequently utilised in the food business. It imparts the distinctive garlic flavour to many different foods such as sauces, soups, dressings and seasonings.

Due to the potential health benefits of Garlic Oleoresin, it is employed in traditional medicine. It is thought to have cardiovascular, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects. In order to benefit from any potential medical effects, some people take it as a supplement.

Pest Control:
Garlic oleoresin can be used as a natural pesticide in agriculture to keep pests away from crops. Insects can be repelled and plants can be shielded by its potent odour and chemical components.

Due to its possible antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics, it may be used in cosmetics and skincare products. Products including creams, lotions and shampoos include it.

Flavour Enhancer:
In addition to being utilised as a primary flavour, Garlic Oleoresin is also used to boost the flavour of garlic in prepared dishes, snacks and sauces.

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