Fennel Oleoresin

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What is Fennel Oleoresin?

A concentrated extract made from the seeds of the flowering plant fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) a member of the carrot family, is called Fennel Oleoresin. It is a strong liquid made up of the bioactive substances, flavours, and essential oils contained in fennel seeds. In this post, we’ll look at what fennel oleoresin is, how it can be used and its benefits. Fennel seeds are normally crushed and ground before being subjected to solvent extraction in order to acquire fennel oleoresin.

How It’s Made?

We get it by soaking fennel seeds in a liquid, and then we remove the liquid to get this oleoresin.

What It Looks and Smells Like?
It’s a dark brown liquid that smells and tastes like sweet fennel. You know that nice, soft licorice flavour? It’s like that.

How Much Volatile Oil It Has?
In every 100 grams of it, there are about 16-21 millilitres of volatile oil.

No Leftover Solvents?
It should have less than 15 parts per million (ppm) of leftover solvent.

Can It Mix with Oil?
It can dissolve in vegetable oil, like the oil you use for cooking.

How Much You Need?
Just 1 kilogram of Fennel Oleoresin is as good as having 10-15 kilograms of fennel seeds.

How to Keep It Fresh?
To keep it fresh, store it in a sealed container in a cool, dark, and dry place.

What It Does?
Fennel Oleoresin can help with alcohol poisoning. It has some good stuff that counteracts the bad effects of too much alcohol. It’s also been used to help people who have problems with drinking too much alcohol.

Fennel Oleoresin Applications
Food Business:

Fennel Oleoresin is frequently utilised in the food business as a natural flavouring agent. It gives a number of foods, including sausages, bread, pastries and sweets, the distinctive sweet and anise-like flavour of fennel. It is a crucial component of Mediterranean and Italian cooking.

Beverage Industry:
Fennel Oleoresin can be used to flavour liqueurs, aperitifs and herbal teas in the beverage industry. These beverages gain a distinctive and aromatic touch from it.

Due to its possible therapeutic benefits, Fennel Oleoresin has been employed in herbal and conventional medicine. Because of its antibacterial, digestive and anti-inflammatory effects, it may be employed in medicinal formulations.

In the cosmetic and personal care industry, Fennel Oleoresin is used to add fragrance to products like soaps, lotions, and perfumes. It is valued for its pleasant scent and potential skin benefits.

Fennel Oleoresin can be utilised in essential oil diffusers or aromatherapy lamps in aromatherapy. For safe use, add 3-5 drops to the water reservoir and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Diffusion can aid in the creation of a relaxing environment.

Herbal Medicine Formulations:
The amount of Fennel Oleoresin in herbal medicine formulations varies based on the specific product and the intended therapeutic effect.
In summary, Fennel Oleoresin is a concentrated extract of fennel seeds that has applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Its benefits include true flavour enhancement, a longer shelf life, convenience of usageand potential health benefits.

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