Capsicum Oleoresin

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Capsicum Oleoresin: The Versatile Powerhouse Revealed
Capsicum Oleoresin, a hot extract extracted from red chilli peppershas enormous promise in a variety of industries. This natural wonder has acquired notoriety for its diversity and versatility due to its tremendous punch of heat and bright colour.

The Science Behind the Heat

Capsaicin, the major component of Capsicum Oleoresin interacts with sensory neurons creating a sensation of heat and blood vessels to expand. This reaction causes the release of endorphins which are natural pain-relieving compounds. Because of its distinct qualities Capsicum Oleoresin is a valuable component in a variety of medicinal and industrial applications.

Key Details

Plant Name: Capsicum Annum
Plant Family: Solanaceae

Known by Different Names in Other Languages
• Spanish: Pimento
• Arabic: Filfil Ahmar
• Chinese: Hesiung Yali Chiao

Taste: Slightly bitter and spicy with a rich flavor.
Uses: Used in cooking and some medicines.
Parts Used: Both green and ripe dried pods (the fruit).
Harvest Seasons: January to August and September to December

Description: It’s an extract made from Indian red chilies, specifically Capsicum annum L. Or Capsicum frutescens L.

Storage: Keep it in tightly sealed containers in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Appearance: Dark red, thick liquid.

Smell: Smells like spicy chilies.

Additives: Only approved additives are used to maintain product quality.

Solubility: Can dissolve in oils and alcohols, no preservatives or antioxidants added.

Equivalent to Spice: It can be mixed with dry or liquid carriers like salt, dextrose, edible oils, lecithin, or benzyl alcohol.

Capsaicin Content: 1 kilogram of this extract equals the spiciness of 100 kilograms of raw chilies. Measured at 10% with UV spectrometry.

Colour: Has a colour value of 15000 CU (maximum) according to MSD – 10.

Residual Solvent: Contains a maximum of 20 ppm of residual solvent (EOA).

Microbiology: Free from harmful microbes.

Shelf Life: Can be stored for up to 24 months under the right conditions.

Handling: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Warm it slightly and stir well before use.

Caution: Only use additives and diluents that are compatible with this product to prevent sedimentation. Test the compatibility by mixing a sample of the product with the diluent/additive in the same proportion and ensure no sedimentation occurs before use.

Capsicum Oleoresin Medicinal Applications

Pain Relief
Capsicum Oleoresin is a common ingredient in analgesics and pain reliever lotions. It relieves muscular and joint pain by desensitising sensory nerves when administered to the skin. The heat produced by Capsicum Oleoresin improves blood flow, aiding speedier healing and relieving pain from arthritis, backaches and sprains.

Digestive Wellness
Capsicum Oleoresin has been recognised for its ability to aid in digestion. It helps to increase metabolism, improve digestion, and relieve gastrointestinal distress. Capsaicin increases the production of digestive enzymes increasing efficient nutrient absorption and alleviating stomach symptoms.

Weight Control
Capsicum Oleoresin’s the rmogenes is characteristics make it a common element in weight management products. Capsaicin raises body warmth and metabolism, boosting fat oxidation and calorie burning. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise regular ingestion of capsicum oleoresin may help with weight loss.

The extraordinary natural extract known as Capsicum Oleoresin has numerous uses in numerous sectors. It is an essential component in culinary goods, cosmetics, pest control methods and medical compositions due to its characteristic heat, brilliant colour and therapeutic qualities. The versatility and adaptability of Capsicum Oleoresin will definitely continue to enthral researchers, producers and customers alike as we continue to explore its incredible possibilities.

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