Bergamot Water

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Harvesting Information
Winter season suits the best for the cultivation of this plant. It is found in Southern Calabria however 80% of its cultivation takes places in Southern Italy and is also found in Southern Turkey and Southern France. The fruits beared from this plant are collected in the month of November and December.

Extraction Process
The Bergamot Water extracted from this plant comes from the fruits peel. Cold pressing technique is used to extract the water out of the skin. Its water is used for variety of reasons including cosmetics and medicinal purposes and is pale yellowish in colour and has a very rich aroma of sweet, fruity and spicy.

Commonly Know Benefits
Skin Benefits
-It helps in fighting skin infections because of its antiseptic properties and also provides a cure against skin inflammation and psoriasis.
-Bergamot water can be used as a makeup remover and it also helps in treatment of eczema as well as acne.
-It helps in getting relief from dry, chapped and irritated skin
-This water proved a refreshing cooling effect and it is added in creams and lotions which helps in the treatment of psoriases and acne.
-Bergamot water is the primary component of the creams used for the treatment of wounds, cuts, scabies, cold sores and oily skin.

Medicinal Benefits
-It works extremely well in the improvement of digestion, stomach cramps and alleviates.
-Its consumption on regular basis also reduces appetite.
-Respiratory disorders like congestions, coughs and cold are cured by using Bergamot Water.
-It is one of the vital component used in the treatment of gall stones ,bronchitis, halitsis and diptheria.
-A person suffering from cystic fibroses which is a lung disorder can be treated by using Bergamot Water.
-It provides great cure in the treatment of bladder problems like bladder inction ,malaria, anorexia or any kind of bladder infection.
-This water has many therapeutic properties like antidepressant, antibiotic ,calmative and vulnerable properties.

Emotion Benefits
-It’s refreshing fragrance helps in upliftment of mood and spirit.
-It help balancing the nerves and acts as an important stimulant.
-It is claimed by the researchers that this water helps in relieving pain, fear and anxiety too.
-The Bergamot water helps in restoring confidence and self-esteem and it is capable of evoking joy and self-esteem.
-It is used extensively in beauty industry in making lotions, creams, facial massage oil and face masks due to its cosmetic benefits.
-It helps in taking out excessive water from skin or scalp and does acts as an effective astringent.
Bergamot water is also used in preparations of bakery items like cakes due to its rich fragrance.
However, it should be kept away from eye contact. Modern day perfume industries preferred this oil in using in their products.

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